Enjoy staying in our hotel. Ubicated in one of the most calm sites on our coast. The Hotel was build on the first decade from the last century and inagurated on the 15th of april 1.912.

An oasis overlooking the sea

Located opposite the famous beach of Arenal Mediterranean, the hotel Costa Blava offers to thers guests a beautiful view to enjoy the weather and the customs of the place.

The Mediterranean lifestyle has a influence on the gastronomic offer on the hotel, on the activityes and sotes that surround us and must see. Our objective is to our guests visit the beautiful sea.

An icon of the Mediterranean tourism

Family generations have worked that has past from father to son. A trade that has contributed to local tourism pioneers.

Group CostaBlava

Since the opening of our first hotel in 1912 have succeeded a series of milestones that have become a thriving family business in a business group that manages hotels, apartments and businesses in the major tourist resorts in our region.